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Cover Ups

Location & Contact:

840 S. Colony Way
Palmer, AK 99645
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Cover Ups


As the owner of Cover Ups (Palmer, AK), what I really love and am most satisfied with is being able to meet with a homeowner to get to know them and they me. Im just a regular gal who, like most of my customers, understands the value of a dollar, works hard, and loves what I do...


Teresa Roy

Our Story:

My story-18 years ago I had the opportunity to step into some big shoes when a local seamstress who had built a solid business was moving. My current job was ending, I had 3 young children at home , was caring for my grandmother and ready for a lifestyle change. A home based business was the perfect solution. Never mind I had no idea what running a business was. Profit margins, pricing, bookkeeping? I knew how to sew and I had every confidence I would figure the rest out.

For 10 years I worked as a drapery fabricator for interior designers and soaked up every bit of education I could. There were a lot of days I felt like throwing in the towel and wallowing in self doubt. I had some spectacular screw ups like fabricating drapes for an entire house out of the wrong fabric, or cutting an angled swag backwards, never mind that the fabric was 75.00 per yard. I learned a whole lot about business, sewing drapes, customer service and most of all myself. If there is a sterling quality I possess it is persistence! Optimism doesn't hurt either. Tomorrow will be better is my motto.

Like many home based businesses mine out grew the 16x 16 room I was contained in. I was going to have to look at renting or stay small. I took the leap. In addition to drapes, I began offering blinds and a line of fabrics- here's one piece of business advice. If your business is solely based on how much you can produce, you will work yourself to death and I was figuring that part out!

There's a lot in the middle I'm leaving out. 8 years worth. My transition into furniture came out of a necessity. I needed to be able to cover a huge rent increase without having to move into a smaller location. Ive always loved and appreciated the craftsmanship in older furniture. After a decade in the home furnishings industry I had witnessed the transition from quality to disposable convenience. Repurposing, Rescuing and Updating quality wood furniture became a large part of what Cover Ups does.

I still enjoy design consulting and helping homeowners achieve their vision for their home, window coverings continue to be a big part of my business. I cant do it all myself and I'm so thankful and privileged to be part of a creative team that challenges and amazes me daily. Cover Ups continues to grow, create and build. We have more planned. I'm excited for the future. Stay tuned!

Interior Design:

Occasionally what we all need is a fresh set of eyes, our living space feels stale, we question our choice of color or worse yet our own sense of style. I can assist with making paint selections, help define what you are in need of to make your space work for you and your lifestyle. In a 1 hour in home consultation we can identify what is needed to make your home a reflection of you and your taste, identify what you need to shop for or already own and choose a paint scheme.

After making an initial plan I can assist as little or as much as you would like. Whether you are a do it yourselfer or would prefer referrals to a professional you will have a road map to help you get started.

Draperies and Window Coverings:

I've been a window coverings provider since 1993. Servicing residential or commercial clients my years of experience and product knowledge will assure you will have the correct product for your particular needs.

I carry a full selection of blinds as well as an extensive selection of fabrics for custom drapes. We handle everything from measuring to installation. Call for your free in home consultation.

Upcycled Furniture and Retail Store:

In Upcycling furniture- making something better than it was originally intended, we always start by using quality wood constructed pieces. No particle board ! We frequently use salvaged elements from historic homes in creating our specialty furniture items.

Everything is built in house, nothing is mass produced or imported. Our items are truly one of a kind and created with our customers in mind. You can visit our retail showroom and perhaps find the perfect piece right on the floor. If you already own the perfect piece and its the wrong color come see us for a custom paint quote. The quality of finish and creativity from our in house painter is unsurpassed.

Inside our retail local you will find a variety of items. Vintage and repurposed furniture, antiques, home decor items our inventory changes daily. We are also the exclusive Palmer location for Alaska Chicks, Alaska Picker, Designs by Faith and the Upholstery Gallery.

Estate Sales and More...:

Estate sales and household liquidations- we can help with either of those needs through either on- site sales or through our retail store. Call or stop by for all the details.


Monday: 11:00am - 6:00pm
Tuesday: 11:00am - 6:00pm
Wednesday: 11:00am - 6:00pm
Thursday: 11:00am - 6:00pm
Friday: 11:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday: 11:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday: Closed


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  • Cover Ups - Shopping - Home Decor - Palmer Photo
  • Cover Ups - Shopping - Home Decor - Palmer Photo
  • Cover Ups - Shopping - Home Decor - Palmer Photo
  • Cover Ups - Shopping - Home Decor - Palmer Photo
  • Cover Ups - Shopping - Home Decor - Palmer Photo
  • Cover Ups - Shopping - Home Decor - Palmer Photo
  • Cover Ups - Shopping - Home Decor - Palmer Photo
  • Cover Ups - Shopping - Home Decor - Palmer Photo
  • Cover Ups - Shopping - Home Decor - Palmer Photo
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