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Joy Lynn McCavit

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300 North Willow
Wasilla, AK 99654
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Very excited to share artwork, encourage and ignite creativity within hearts who have joined this page and journey with me!


Short Bio:
Joy Lynn McCavit
Alaskan Artist, Prophetic Artist and Photographer

A native Alaskan, Joy Lynn McCavit is deeply inspired by the rich culture and rugged backdrop that is her home. In 2000, Joy Lynn opened Joyful Aspirations to focus full-time on creating and capturing the unseen inspiration that only a heart such as hers can see. When not with her family, you may find her healing the sick and emotionally broken through teaching expression through painting, as she is currently the Art Ministry Director at Blood-N-Fire Ministry of Alaska. Her belief in manifesting Heaven on Earth is demonstrated on canvas with vibrant declarations of love and peace that heals the heart and calms the mind.

Long Bio:
Joy Lynn McCavit
Alaskan Artist, Prophetic Artist and Photographer

Joy Lynn was born and raised in Alaska. Her love of wildlife, mountains, flowers and culture comes from her love of that rugged backdrop. Her dream to become an artist began in her primary years. While attending first grade in Anchorage, Alaska; representatives from the Anchorage Fine Arts Museum were choosing two pieces of art from each school in their district for a month long Native and Alaskan Art Display, they chose Joy Lynns painting. Her parents took her and her family to that incredible show and in that moment seeing her artwork amongst the famous native and Alaskan artists on display, her love of art and culture was birthed. That summer her family moved to the Nunley Homestead in Wasilla where she was raised. In sixth grade once again another culture experience by teachers bringing a native Alaskan man into her classroom who shared his knowledge of Native legends, hunting, fishing stories, whaling movies, games, and cuisine. Her love of Alaska was rooted deeply within her soul. Throughout Junior High and High School she began to draw and paint on a daily basis and then another teacher stepped into her life once again bringing with him Polynesian Culture into her view. At this point her small town sheltered life began to open up with bigger dreams and bigger artistic possibilities. Along with being voted Vice President of the Wasilla High School Art Club. She graduated from Wasilla High School and attended Bethany Bible College for a semester then returned to her Alaskan homeland to attend University of Alaska Anchorage studying art, business and communications. In 2000 she began her art business under the name Joyful Aspirations. Since the name meant joyful dreams it was a way to dream big privately and paint while still remaining incognito. In 2010 because of her sons special needs it became imperative for her to retire early from her career with State of Alaska and commit fulltime to caring for and being trained to help her son. During this time painting was her release and personal healing outlet, then as her son healed, she began in 2011 painting prophetically with Art is Worship and other artists publically to include: The Awaken! Conference, Alaska Burn and with 15 artists painted a collaborative piece for One Lord Sunday and was part of a collaborative art show for local artists at Doodles Art Studio. She mentored under Leigh and Jake Sloan during 2011-2012 learning to help with stage design and began to step into leadership roles in more creative outlets and volunteering beginning in 2012 handing out clothing and food to her local community in need. In 2013 she changed her business name to Joy Lynn McCavit and stepped out of the reclusive shelter of private isolation and was offered the position of Art Ministry Director at BloodN-Fire Ministry of Alaska, painting was the foundation they began the main ministry on which was started in Atlanta, Georgia and the beginning of 2014 she will be teaching watercolor and helping families bond and heal emotionally through artistic expression in painting. Her love for painting comes from deep within her soul. The places that were once locked away because of fear have been unlocked and just as watercolor has a transparency and translucent quality, when she paints so does her soul. Her spirit begins to sing and dance with her brushes in hand, the beauty that is all around her floods her soul as she wants to capture every color. She imagines the animals really smiling and being happy just as she is just to be painting them she wants to see deep into their spirit. She wants her art to unlock emotions and bring healing deep within a persons soul. From the vibrant colors to the furry joyful faces and soft delicate petals and colors in nature, when they flow she wants joy to flood the persons being as they view the artistic pieces. She wants healing from heaven to be released thru her hands and flood the earth; for people to walk away from her art feeling powerful peace, health and happiness just from the experience of viewing what brings deep immense joy to her soul each time she picks up her brushes. Art transcends words and an image can heal a broken heart, mind and soul just from the power of love flowing thru it!

I take great joy in encouraging and loving people! Also seeing them begin to believe that they have a God given talent or gift they can use with passion and purpose for creating something beautiful that can be shared with the world! As an artist some of my own Alaskan originals and prints are already being shared in some very far away places such as Medan, Indonesia and Kiambu, Kenya as well as a bit closer in Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Texas, Florida and many other places across the United States. Very excited to make more new connections and share these creations and my passion for creativity from my heart to art with other amazing hearts around this big beautiful world!
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